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maszt pomiarowy

They are designed for low-power home power plants. Aluminum trusses ensure rigidity of foundation and safety during operation. We offer a wide range of our standard products as well as custom-made structures, designed and made for a specific generator.

  • Masts with guy lines

  • Freestanding towers

  • Dedicated turbine mounts

  • Application of EC and PN standards

  • System solutions for easy installation and maintenance of the turbine

Support structures

Obstruction lighting

We provide comprehensive service and consultancy in the field of day and night obstacle marking for masts. The marking systems are selected based on the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of June 25, 2003 on the method of reporting and marking aviation obstacles and the international ICAO standard.

Due to the installation of meteorological stations in the area where there is usually no access to the power grid, and the construction of a connection is economically unjustified, it is necessary to supply the measuring system autonomously. Power systems are implemented through the use of complex photovoltaic panels, small wind turbines and an energy buffer. Each system is individually designed, taking into account the energy demand and climatic conditions of the location.

Power systems

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